The way to Face Scan for MyPLAYER Created Characters

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    In NBA 2K18 your “MyPLAYER” is also an very important part of the adventure, the literal first thing the game asks you to do following the tutorial is to create one. You’ve got lots of unique choices in creating your MyPLAYER, but if you would like to have a stab at having a more real looking youpersonally, you can attempt to upload your own facial scan data to NBA 2K18 and allow the NBA 2K18 MT game create a face and mind for you. If you’re interested here’s how to get it done.

    When at the MyPLAYER glance display, go over to Face Scan Information. From that point, the game will ask you to get into the My NBA 2K18 program. In case you’ve got a smartphone go ahead and do this, otherwise the Face Scan won’t be possible. In that program, tap everywhere to start this up and go to Scan Your Face. From there follow the apps’ instructions. You’ll need to have a couple of shots of you looking dead ahead and a few side to side shots for a few side profile (such as a mug shot kind of, not that I would know anything about that, only by what I hear). Make sure that you move your head left to center to right, back to centre etc..

    Proceed if you’re satisfied or if not and you want to look extra pretty, MT NBA 2K19 give it a second go and re-Face Scan yourself. As soon as you’ve uploaded the photographs, go back to the in-game screen. Exit the Face Scan Information tab and proceed to MyPLAYER Appearance. If you did everything correctly, you will see a notification that your face scan is creating and when it’s done, you will be able to see your pretty (or horrifying) digitized self. Enjoy!

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